What do I do if squats hurt?

There can be so many different reasons why squats don’t feel good for you.

One of the first things I look at with clients in FIT for Women is squat stance.

You’ve probably been drilled over and over to squat with toes pointed forward, knees not going over toes, and feet hip width apart. So you do that and squats hurt your knees or your back. Maybe you can’t reach a depth below parallel. Or your prolapse is more symptomatic that way.

Everyone is different, so why should everyone squat the same?

The duck walk is by far my favorite way to have clients quickly pick their squat stance.

Here’s what you do…

1) Get into a deep squat (yes even if you pee when you squat or feel like your organs are falling out – we’re getting to something here)

2) Duck walk 3-5 steps per leg

3) Keep feet planted exactly as they land in the last step, and squat from there

How does that feel? What do you notice about your feet? Are they pointed out more than you thought? Both even pointing in the same direction??

Asymmetry is completely ok.

In fact, most people feel and perform better with an asymmetrical squat stance where one leg is turned slightly more than the other or their feet aren’t quite pointed the same way. Your anatomy and current mobility help dictate what is comfortable for you. What’s cool is that this can be ever changing. As you gain hip mobility, pelvic stability, and even pelvic floor relaxation, that bottom squat position will change in what’s comfortable.

So don’t be scared of the process. If what once worked for you is no longer working, try something different!

If you’re ready to start lifting (and living again) without worrying about your core and pelvic floor, FIT for Women is for you. Get the mobility, core and pelvic floor progressions, and strength programming you need to help you navigate your symptoms.

If you want to take a deep dive on more core and pelvic floor topics, join my weekly Q&A email list. It may or may not also be the only place to snag a discount on programs. So run, don’t walk, to join.

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