Returning to Fitness Postpartum

Get back to the life you love

Returning to Fitness Postpartum

Congratulations—you birthed a baby!

You’re finally getting the hang of this whole parenting thing… and now your abs & vag are screaming for your attention. And you’re screaming for some much-needed ME time, too—preferably in the weight room.

You’re itching to get back to training, but know that things are a liiittle bit different *down there* now… and you could use some help making your safe return to the gym.

Enter: Returning to Fitness Postpartum.

An 8-week strength & mobility program plus all the education you need to rebuild your core and pelvic floor, so you can get back to the barbell & feel like yourself again (without destroying your abs & vag).

You can get back to yourself again.

You were a person before you became a parent. Someone who enjoyed lifting heavy, going for the occasional run, and maybe even saying yes to spontaneous adventures or challenges just for the fun of it.

You might not be able to drop everything you’re doing and take an impromptu 6-mile hike on a Saturday morning anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get back to the active lifestyle you once loved.

"I'm happy to say that my diastasis improved a lot over the course of just 4 weeks... this program EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!"


Returning to Fitness Postpartum Program Details

Here's what’s included:

That’s $598 of value, all yours for just $197.

And here's all you’ll need to start:

The programming is written for barbell and kettlebell movements, but modifications are provided for dumbbell movements right within the app. 

Ready to return to lifting again?

You don’t have to worry about diastasis, prolapse, or peeing yourself.

It makes sense that you might be worried about these things. You’ve been sold the messaging that these diagnoses mean an end to your active lifestyle, but that’s simply not the case.

With Returning to Fitness Postpartum, we’ll help you rebuild your core and pelvic floor strength (whether you’ve been diagnosed with these things or not), and get back to lifting without having to worry about symptoms holding you back.

"I was feeling very defeated with core strength but really through these workouts, I’ve figured out they’re helping a lot”

“I’m 7 months postpartum. I was feeling very defeated with core strength but really through these workouts, I’ve figured out they’re helping a lot, and I just wasn’t focusing on the right movements. I just wanted to say thank you so much!”

- Alyssa

"Everyone would benefit from this program after having a baby!”

“This is a great program for any postpartum individual, whether their goal is returning to lifting weights and exercising or just lifting and caring for their children. It details common dysfunctions after having a baby and gives you the tools to address them. Casey has a great understanding of the pelvic floor and how it interacts with the whole body!”

- Tonya Barringer, PT, DPT, WCS

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enroll and pay, expect an email from me within 48 business hours with all of the information you need to access your programming + the core and pelvic floor educational guides.

You’ll have lifetime access to the educational guides provided in the email for as long as they exist. Feel free to download them to your computer or print them off if you would prefer a hardcopy. Just don’t share them with anyone else.

You’ll have access to the 8 week strength program + the 3 week mobility, core, and pelvic floor program in True Coach for 6 months from your date of purchase.

Need longer than 6 months or have another baby and need to access the programming again? No problem. You’ll have the ability to purchase months of additional access to the programming in the True Coach app for a nominal charge.

It is important to me that this programming is ACCESSIBLE to you. You’re likely already juggling a newborn, maybe starting back to work full-time, and doing all the day to day things. I want you to be able to live your life outside of the gym – which means I need to make your access to the gym (and the programming) as seamless as possible.

True Coach provides an excellent client experience. No need to print off PDF guides, pull up your email, or try to navigate clunky course platforms to access your programming. Simply download the app and have the information at the touch of a button on your phone.

The programming is delivered in the app in a way that makes it super simple to follow with demo videos built right in. So no more guessing what needs to be done.

Making this as seamless and accessible to you comes at a monthly cost to me, the small business owner which is why I can’t provide unlimited access to the programming. I do, however, want you to have ample time to complete the programming, take a pause when needed, or even repeat the programming if desired, so I’m covering the cost of the app for you for 6 months.

Need longer than 6 months or have another baby and need to access the programming again? No problem. You’ll have the ability to purchase months of additional access to the programming in the True Coach app for a nominal charge.

Approximately 45 minutes per day 3 days a week. That includes your warm up, mobility, strength, workout, accessory work, and cool down.

We will do everything within our ability (and within reason) to ensure your satisfaction. Due to the downloadable nature of the Program, refunds will not be issued for the Program once it is purchased.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if there is anything we can do to make your experience a more pleasant one, please email Casey Thomas Hardesty at

If you have questions related to the programming (Please note: I cannot make individual programming modifications or recommendations to the programming), simply send a message via email. Please allow up to 24 business hours (Mon-Fri 9a-4p CST) for a response. Email at

Nope. While we will be working with weights, all movements are explained in detail in the video demos PLUS everything is easily modified to meet your needs and abilities.

However, if you’re struggling with the main movement patterns, I would suggest scheduling a consultation to review.

It depends. Are you currently working with or been discharged from a PFPT? Do you know how to make necessary adjustments for your body? If not, I recommend starting with a consultation or one-on-one training. We can help you be comfortable and confident in your body again where you will be able to make any necessary adjustments for yourself.

You can start the core and pelvic floor education portion of the program at any time. The 3 week mobility, core, and pelvic floor programming is designed to be done early postpartum. Prior to starting the 8 week strength programming, you should be cleared by your medical provider for a return to exercise.

Hi friend! I'm Casey.

I help people whose abs and vaginas are as cooperative as a 2-year-old at naptime return to lifting & living in a way that feels good again—and maybe even train them to behave along the way.

I believe your diagnosis and symptoms don’t define you. You can preserve your way of life without having to worry about preserving your core and pelvic floor. It’s not life or pelvic floor—it’s life and pelvic floor.

I spend my time wrangling three little boys and a growing collection of chickens. An introvert at heart – give me a good book, a rainy day, and a blueberry chocolate smoothie, and my day is made.

You deserve quality support. I’m here to help you find what works for you so that you can get back to the life you love.

By the end of 8 weeks, you’ll be able to...

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