How to release pelvic floor tightness

There’s no magic exercise or release technique for chronic tension.

I can give you all the relaxation exercises in the world, but if your day is spent clenching your glutes, sucking in your abs, and contracting your pelvic floor, they’re not going to do a whole lot of good.

With my FIT Core Restore clients, we practice doing LESS contractions and MORE relaxation sprinkled throughout the workout and even throughout the day.

Why? Because stacking relaxation is going to help keep you from reaching that max tension level where relaxation techniques won’t cut it.

Keep reading to see what that can look like.

That can look like:

  • not squeezing your glutes on lower body lifts
  • only engaging your core or pelvic floor when necessary
  • learning to brace properly
  • mobility
  • adding in 1-2 minutes of pelvic floor relaxation at the end of a workout

Outside the workout, that may be:

  • stress reduction
  • relaxing your belly
  • not squeezing your glutes, engaging your core, or doing a kegel with daily activities
  • not staying in one position for too long (variety in movement)
  • a supportive pair of shoes

So while it doesn’t have to be major changes to make a big impact, they do have to be consistent changes. Especially if you’re been packing on the tension for YEARS!

If you’re ready to make massive strides in your pelvic floor recovery and start lifting (and living again) without worrying about your core and pelvic floor, FIT Core Restore is for you. Get the mobility, core and pelvic floor progressions, and strength programming you need to help you navigate your symptoms.

Want to take a deep dive on more core and pelvic floor topics, join my weekly Q&A email list. It may or may not also be the only place to snag a discount on programs. So run, don’t walk, to join.

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