FIT for Women

What if you could get back to lifting without worrying about destroying your abs and vag?

Just because you have prolapse, diastasis, or pee your pants doesn’t mean you have to put away the weights.


Your body was made to lift heavy - despite what Dr. Google told you.

It’s possible to get back to the lifting that you love without wasting hours trying to piece together safe programming (because you don’t know how and would prefer not to anyway).

“In other programs I was left piecing them together with more strength training or seeking accessory work to support a strength training program. This program checked all the boxes for me and I don’t feel like I need to do additional work on the side. This is the first time in a long time I’ve been excited to go to the gym!”


You don't have to settle for basic or boring workouts. If you're feeling like...

You’re not looking for a pelvic floor “safe” program. You’re looking for a lifting program that fits your pelvic floor – aka those muscles that support your bladder and vagina – (and your LIFE).

I know it may feel like you'll be stuck in this place forever, but what if I told you that you could...

Hi friend! You can totally do it all.

Psst... Hey you!

The strong woman – the lifter, former CrossFitter, and barbell lover.

Are you ready to

Feel the strength and freedom that lifting and moving your body gave your former self. Enjoy lifting again without worrying about your vagina!

FIT for Women was Made for you

A progressive strength training program (PLUS mobility, core, and pelvic floor training) with exclusive access to The Pelvic Lab, a growing collection of resources to help you learn while you train.

Hi! I'm Casey,

a strength coach for your abs and vag! That means I help you return to lifting again without having to worry about things like prolapse, diastasis recti, peeing your pants, or pelvic pain.

I’ve been where you are. In fact, it’s exactly why I created FIT for Women in the first place.

Having kids and dealing with a pelvic floor disorder has put a major damper on your strength training. You quit the barbell and dove headfirst into rehab or maybe nothing at all.

But now you’re ready for more from your workouts. Problem is, you’re scared of ruining all the progress you’ve made so far or making your symptoms even worse than you think they are now. But you need to lift again, so you need to figure out how to make it happen.

You’ve been modifying strength programs and combining multiple accessory, mobility, and pelvic floor programs just to give yourself a taste of the barbell again.

Let me be the first to tell you – it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have everything you need in one program. You can enjoy lifting again without worrying about your pelvic floor. FIT for Women can make that happen.

Enjoy lifting again!

“I feel SO STRONG! And so beyond capable. During my time in FIT for Women I’ve not only gained a ton of strength and noticed a marked decrease in my pelvic floor symptoms, but I realized that even if/when I do feel symptoms it’s not the end of the world. I’ve learned how to manage that. I’ve also run around both on my own AND carrying/pulling my kids in the yard..something I didn’t even think was possible again without feeling super symptomatic.”


Feel supported

2x/week check-ins from me in True Coach and access to True Coach messaging where you can ask questions and feel supported in your journey*. You’re not in this alone!

*Not available in DIY FFW or DIY FFW+

Trust in the process

Intentional programming with detailed video demos for every movement so you can know what you’re supposed to be doing instead of having to guess.

Learn about your body

Exclusive access to The Pelvic Lab – a growing collection of resources for you to learn while you train. You can find everything from pregnancy and equipment modifications to all things core and pelvic floor.

Program Options

For the lifter who...



For the lifter who...​



For the lifter who...​




For the lifter who...​


“I didn’t think I could make progress with a 3 day a week program or in less than an hour at the gym. Previously I would have been spending A LOT more time in the gym or I would not have seen progress.”


What you get

FFW and FFW+


Starting at $47 per month

Let’s talk equipment

You need access to:

Preferred but can be modified:


How it works:

Sounds amazing!

get exclusive access to

The Pelvic Lab

$197 value for FREE when you enroll in FFW or FFW+

A growing collection of resources for you to learn while you train. You can find videos, PDFs, and guides on:

  • pregnancy modifications
  • training around your cycle
  • bracing and your pelvic floor
  • tempo – the how, when, & why
  • choosing the correct weight
  • the core and pelvic floor
  • how to pick your squat stance
  • equipment modifications
Hear what clients like you are saying...

“perfectly challenging!”

“I honestly didn’t think it would be challenging enough. But the big long term goal of a strong pre and postpartum body, pelvic floor, and healthy baby had me pull the trigger. Also, I was wrong. This program can be scaled up or down and is perfectly challenging!”

- Nichole B.

"so much more than the strength”

“I feel confident! Badass. Capable. Like superwoman. I’ve been able to lift heavier than I ever thought (with more to come!), play with both my kids in ways I didn’t think I’d be able to again without feeling scared of bulging feelings and/or peeing my pants, and just live life in a way that I enjoy. For me, it was so much more than the strength.”

- Marissa

“My muscles are so sore and I LOVE IT!!”

“My muscles are so sore and I LOVE IT!! OH my gosh it feels so good to have weights in my hands, even if it’s just to deadlift or chest press!!”

- Monica

“no fear”

I remember the girl who was terrified to squat a 15lb kettlebell and couldn’t even carry my kids for too long or I’d be symptomatic. Now I’m using a bar for 65lb squats with no fear and have no issue carrying my kids. I’m really feeling great, especially mentally.

- sarah

"The workouts are efficient and effective”

“FIT for Women has allowed me to have time to gain strength and mobility without sacrificing my time elsewhere. The workouts are efficient and effective and especially great for the busy mom!”

- Amy

“Healing and so proud”

“I feel like I am mentally healing as much as I am physically. I feel so strong and so proud.”

- Abby N.

Frequently Asked Questions

FIT for Women and FIT for Women Plus are year long training programs broken down into 3 month training blocks. Each program requires an initial 3 month commitment.

Once you enroll and pay, expect an email from me within 48 business hours explaining all the things you need to know to access your programming. You’ll also receive an email invite from True Coach. Once you accept your True Coach invite, you’ll see your workouts for the first month. Workouts start on week 1 day 1 with new workouts delivered every 4 weeks.

Approximately 30-45 minutes. That includes your warm up, mobility, strength, workout, accessory work, and cool down. We want you getting the most out of your time in the workout so you can enjoy your life outside the gym.

FIT for Women and FIT for Women PLUS each require an initial 3 month commitment. After your first 3 months are over, you will move to a month-to-month commitment. Due to the nature of program delivery, no refunds are available.

Due to the nature of programming and program delivery, you can’t jump back and forth between FFW, FFW+, and DIY options. However, I understand that symptoms and programming needs may change with time.

If you’re in FFW+ and your symptoms greatly improve, you can stick with it since it’s working or you can stop your FFW+ membership at the end of your billing cycle and enroll in FFW.

If you’re in FFW and realize you need more core and pelvic floor support, you can stop your FFW membership at the end of your billing cycle and enroll in FFW+.

If you realize that your coaching needs change, you can move in or out of a DIY version at the end of your current billing cycle.

If you’re wanting to change your enrollment, email us at at least 48 business hours prior to the end of your current billing cycle so we can assist you in making the switch.

If you’re in FIT for Women or FIT for Women Plus, simply ask the question inside True Coach. I don’t give you individual program modifications or injury progressions inside of FIT for Women (that’s a 1:1 service), but I do review your videos and comment on your workouts each week (as long as you are logging them) and am available for general questions and clarification inside the app.

If you’re in a DIY version of the program, you won’t receive coaching, but you can email general programming questions or clarifications to

Nope. While we will be working with weights, all movements are explained in detail in the video demos PLUS everything is easily modified to meet your needs and abilities. However, if you’re struggling with the main movement patterns, I would suggest scheduling a consultation to review.

Each month a recurring payment will come out on the same date you signed up (sign up on the 12th, that’s your payment date. Sign up on the 31st, that, or the last day of the month is your payment date). At the end of your 3 month training cycle, you will have the option to re-enroll for the next training phase or cancel your membership.

I love seeing you video your lifts in FIT for Women and FIT for Women Plus. At weekly check-ins, I’ll review your lifts and provide feedback as needed…or just cheer you on along the way. *Note – this service is NOT available for DIY versions.

Yes. During pregnancy, it is much more important that you are paying attention to HOW you’re doing the exercises and how you’re breathing and that you have a good awareness of your body and what signs and symptoms you should be aware of.

Pregnancy Basics, a Core and Pelvic Floor Basics for Lifters guide teaches you exactly that. Purchase the guide at a discount after you join FIT for Women.

If you are within 9 months postpartum and making your return to exercise, I recommend starting with FIT Core Restore to make sure you maximize your recovery and have an intentional return to fitness. The extra focus on core and pelvic floor health will help your long term recovery, body composition, and athletic performance.


Are you currently working with or been discharged from a PFPT? Do you know how to make necessary adjustments for your body? If yes, FIT for Women is a good fit for you.

If you still struggle regularly with symptoms, I recommend starting with FIT Core Restore. We can help you transform your core and pelvic floor so you’re comfortable and confident in your body again.

Ready to get back to training the way you LOVE again?

(while not having to stress over your abs & vagina)