Can tampons increase my prolapse symptoms?

Tampons aren’t likely to make your prolapse worse, BUT many people report an increase in symptoms right before or during their period.

Why your prolapse may be more symptomatic before your period

An increase in symptoms around your period can be due to a few different factors, including hormone shifts, position of the cervix, and change in uterus size or heaviness. It could even be due to an increase in consumption of bladder irritants – hello chocolate, caffeine, and wine anyone!

You may also find that you hold extra tension in your pelvic floor subconsciously during your period or while wearing a tampon in an effort to “hold” the tampon in. Let go of the tension, friend. Restorative poses and mobility exercises like child’s pose, legs up the wall, and shinbox may feel good during this time of the month.

So it may not be the tampon causing your symptoms to increase, but rather the time of your cycle.

Menstrual cups and your pelvic floor

Menstrual cups are a similar situation. There is no evidence that menstrual cups can worsen or irritate your prolapse as long as the cup is used properly, which includes properly releasing the seal and suction before removing.

Not every menstrual product will feel good or fit your needs. Find what works best for your current body, and don’t be scared of your prolapse.

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