Are compression leggings bad for your pelvic floor?

Welcome to the fear based advice that is pelvic health.

Pelvic floor disorders (including prolapse and incontinence) are multi-dimensional and can rarely be blamed on one specific event or habit.

Tight pants and high waist leggings

If your leggings (or sports bras) are extra tight, they can restrict your breathing or have the potential to cause an increase in pressure into your abs and down into your pelvic floor.

The pressure pushing into your abs from the garments causes an imbalance of pressure in your abdomen. That excess pressure has to go somewhere and typically ends up straight down into your pelvic floor.

The same can be said for constantly going around sucking in your abs.

High waist leggings and prolapse

So could you be increasing your risk of pelvic floor disorders if super tight and compressive pants are all you wear? Possibly.

But that doesn’t automatically make high waist and compression leggings a no-go.

Instead, try this 👇

  • Roll the band down occasionally to let your belly free
  • Have pairs of leggings that aren’t so tight in your rotation
  • Wear something loose around the house to give your core and pelvic floor a break.

Bottom line…

Wear pants you like that make you feel comfortable. But also, learn to manage intra abdominal pressure and maybe let your belly free every once in a while.

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