7 things I wish my mom had taught me about my vagina

So I have to preface this with it’s not her fault. She didn’t know a lot of these herself until she started following me on social media. Hi mom!

1. You shouldn’t be rushing to pee or straining to poop.

Hello pressure down into your pelvic floor, and hello pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence later on.

2. Sex should never be painful.

Unless that’s your thing and done with full consent of course.

3. Hovering over a toilet seat isn’t good for you.

Yes even in a public restroom. Your pelvic floor needs to relax in order to properly function on the toilet. Sit down.

4. Sucking in your abs isn’t it.

Walking around all day trying to suck in your belly may cause you to pee your pants later on. Besides, flat abs aren’t the norm. Relax that ish.

5. Scope out your nether regions yourself before you ever have kids.

See what is normal for your pelvic floor, vagina, labia, clitoris, etc.

6. Peeing yourself with activity is common, even in teenage athletes.

You have non-invasive options to help though. Don’t be embarrassed and think you have to just live with it.

7. Be open with your family history.

Yes, even when it comes to your vagina. Pelvic floor issues can have a genetic link.

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